5 Ingenious Things You Can Do With Your LinkedIn Profile.

5 Ingenious Things You Can Do With Your LinkedIn Profile.
5 Ingenious Things You Can Do With Your LinkedIn Profile.

LinkedIn is an excellent opportunity for you to be seen by your ideal customer.

But with so many people now using the social media platform, it is essential for the health of your business to have a profile that stands out from the rest. "You only get one chance to make a first impression".

Here are my top tips to help you be seen amongst the crowd.

1.Set aside some time in your calendar to work on creating your profile.

  • Your profile could be the difference between you making a connection or not being noticed so it is worth taking the time to create a professional profile that projects the right image.
  • Use a separate document such as Microsoft Word to write your profile. There is something about writing away from my desk which allows me to free my mind and enables me to be more creative.
  • Find a professional photograph of yourself. Preferably a headshot. LinkedIn is not the platform for you to have a photograph of you on the beach on your last summer holiday. Consider asking a professional photographer to take some shots of you.
  • Make use of the header image. (The header image is the banner that goes behind your photograph). This space is a great opportunity to showcase your business. Use a free tool such as Canva or hire a professional. (Make sure the image looks good on mobile devices too).

2. Create a custom URL.(The URL is the https:/www. bit).

I love that LinkedIn gave us the opportunity to do this. It makes you look that little bit more professional. For instance, my URL is www.LinkedIn.com/in/laurabailey

5 Ingenious Things You Can Do With Your LinkedIn Profile.

3. Ensure that your headline accurately describes your role.

Your headline is the first thing people see when they scroll over your name, it appears on the timeline when you create a post and when you comment on another person's post.
It is an excellent opportunity to say who you are and what you do.
Here is an excellent example from Heidi Burton (Thank you Heidi for allowing me to use your profile as an example).
Heidi is a photographer based in Bristol. You can see that Heidi gives us a "snapshot" (forgive the pun!) of what she offers and where she is based. Check out her banner image too which showcases her work.
You can visit her account by clicking this link. https://www.linkedin.com/in/heidiburtonphoto/

4. Are your contact details up to date?

Accurate contact details ensure that you pay attention to detail.
It means that people have an alternative way to contact you other than via LinkedIn Messenger. It provides an opportunity for them to browse your website and/or your other social media details.

5. Make the most of the Summary space.

The summary space is a fantastic opportunity to "sell yourself."
This is an opportunity to describe your role in your business. You can be warm and welcoming, whilst maintaining a professional appearance.
Keep your sentences and paragraphs concise so that they are easy to read on all devices.
How can you promote yourself without being "salesy" or "spammy?"

In Conclusion.

There are so many ways in which you can market yourself effectively using LinkedIn.
Set some time aside to look at your LinkedIn Profile.
Why not scroll through your LinkedIn timeline and

  • Take note of the LinkedIn profiles which stand out to you?
  • Why do they stand out?
  • How can you use what you have learned to make your profile professional?
5 Ingenious Things You Can Do With Your LinkedIn Profile.
5 Ingenious Things You Can Do With Your LinkedIn Profile.

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