Hello, I'm Laura

I live in the South West of England, when I'm not busy working, you can usually find me at the beach with my little dog.

I help businesses to understand how to use social media to grow a successful business. I work with businesses of all sizes, from international corporate companies to small business owners.

I love learning about the latest developments in technology. You can be confident that when you work with me you are receiving the latest advice. I will show you how you can apply the latest social media trends to help you grow your business.

The pandemic has meant that more and more people are being encouraged to work from home. Businesses are working hard to get online. Can you imagine if we had experienced COVID_19 even just 10 years ago? Fortunately technology is so advanced that we are able to work from our dining room table and still be productive.

If you have a business idea and access to the internet, you can make money. It really is that simple.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn mean that you can find your ideal customers online and listen to what they want and need. From there you can tailor your products and services and you can help them.

I have put together a free eBook to help you. Included are 27 social media tips. I am confident that if you implement these in your daily routine, you will start to see a positive change. I would love to help you even further, sign up to my newsletter for social media and business tips. These short emails include things that I have learned and I want to pass them onto you to help you to grow a successful business. Sign up here


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